Africans contribute less than 1% of the world’s research, despite facing the toughest developmental challenges.

We are creating platforms to enable more training, visibility, collaboration and support for African researchers. 

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Pushing boundaries of Africa's collective genius

Scientists in developing countries face entrenched barriers to accessing quality training, research, funding, and infrastructure. Many are excluded from making contributions to new technologies such as artificial intelligence, which puts their populations at risk of being disproportionately harmed. Meanwhile, a lack of female scientists in leadership positions deprives countries of ideas that could contribute to advancement in innovation and more gender-inclusive science and policies.

Strengthening research capacity will help produce a global pool of researchers who can use current knowledge and techniques to develop strategies, tools and methods to tackle complex problems worldwide (WHO 2016).  Thus, Africa needs more scalable and sustainable interventions that can drive the development of African researchers and African research systems.


How We Work

Since our first foray into this space, we have realized that a few more things need to be done before people can publish good research consistently.

Research Capacity

Expand access to research capacity development for emerging and established researchers.

Research Systems

Facilitate stronger stakeholder synergy, infrastructure and commitments to more sustainable and conducive research systems.

Research Uptake

Bolster the use of research in private and public organisations.

What Approaches Are We Taking?

Since our first foray into this space, we have realized that a few more things need to be done before people can publish good research consistently.


Educating Africans on the research and research opportunities.


Providing the right training online and offline to create meaningful research.


Supporting researchers to share works of research in clear concise language.


Helping to build a network that enables researchers work together.


Harnessing resources that can help African researchers progress.

Call for Application LUNE ONE 2023 Cohort

Apply to LUNE ONE 2023 Cohort

LUNE ONE is a research fellowship for undergraduate and early postgraduate African students who are enthusiastic about learning how to engage and produce impactful research across disciplines. Selected participants join a cohort who go through an intense 12 weeks of mentoring and classes to develop personal and professional research skills needed for academic, commercial, innovation or development research. This program is free for participants.

Join Our Community

We are building a community of minds interested in advancing research in Africa. Through our community, we hope to provide important research information, opportunities, trainings and support to foster the work of researchers. Do you belong to any academic institutions or research institute and want to be part of our movement? 

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Have you done any form of research before? Will you be doing one soon? Please help us in understanding the gaps and progress in African Research by taking this survey. Takes less than 10 minutes. 

Publish With ResearchRound

We publish works of research by Africans. Our approach is to publish research works in article formats that are clear, concise, and easy meaningful to the average reader. While not all research works can easily be in this form, we advocate for clear communication. Publications are digital. ResearchRound is a Platinum Open Access platform.


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