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Meet, exchange ideas, discuss, gain opportunities, share resources, and collaborate with researchers across Africa. 

Welcome to ResearchRound Community

ResearchRound’s mission is to bring researchers and research enthusiasts together to share ideas, work, time and resources to create quality research. This community is one of the ways we are bringing researchers in close proximity to do more meaningful work and support new researchers.



Community Guidelines

In order to keep to this objective, we have set a few ground rules about how we expect members to conduct themselves at any point in time. The guidelines cover both our online and offline channels. 

When members violate these codes of conduct, we can remove them from the community without prior notice. Our drive to keep the community a safe place for everyone in it is more important than the interest of any singular person. We are also open to suggestions and questions about how we keep the community safe for everyone. 

The Research Community is expectedly a place where people who are well read thrive. As with the nature of the world, there are few absolute truths, therefore, two opposing true ideas might be brought into conversation or scrutiny. We expect members to honour each other’s ideas and communicate clearly, without derision of the proponent of specific ideas, but rather respond with better answers, if there are any. 

Members of the group ranging from veteran researchers, doctoral fellows to undergraduates interested in research. This wide range of members, which has been deliberately curated, requires the best of attitudes from anyone wishing to join the platform. 

Simple guidelines we hope researchers can follow include

1. Be respectful to members of the community. Treat others with kindness and utmost regard. 

2. Provide constructive feedback. When you are at the end of an important conversation, ensure that your feedback does not seek to vilify people involved in that conversation. 

3. Don’t be spammy. Please direct your broadcasts away from the group. Ensure not to feed the group with information that is not in line with discussions on the group. Avoid religious, pornographic, racial or ethnic posts and other similar posts that are insensitive to the diversity represented in the group. 

4. Participate in community activities as often as possible. Is that not why you voluntarily joined the group? Share ideas, knowledge and resources that may be useful to other people. Keep conversations going. Offer feedback. Seek to meet new people and learn about new things. Respond to information shared by ResearchRound especially where it requires their responses or activity.

5. Ensure that information you send to the group is true. Sharing false information can bring disrepute to the group and must be avoided. Members should only share verified information related to the purpose of the group. 

6. Collaborate with other members. Our goal is to make this a melting pot for people who do research, within and outside the African continent. The objective is to advance research by Africans. Thus we encourage members to find other members who may be interested in collaborating with them on research. 

7. Announcements, ranging from anniversary celebrations or messages, and other news whatsoever as is not related to the purpose of the group should be avoided. This goes for advertisements as well. We expect community members to only share information that is key to advancing the works of members of the community. 

9. Regard and not seek to diminish the free speech of members of the community. 

10. No use of  vulgar language in addressing the members of the groups irrespective of your relationship with such persons.

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