Learn important concepts in short programs. 


LUNE ATOM are short programs by ResearchRound to help build capacity of researchers in its network. e.g. a program on problem solving. These usually last a week or two. Sometimes they last longer due to repetition or participation size. They are largely educational and participatory. This is done in collaboration with the ResearchRound Programs team.


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July 2024

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Frequently Asked Questions

What questions do you have? 

Unlike LUNE ONE, LUNE ATOM is not exclusive to a group of pre-selected people. Members of the community who register for the short program can participate. 

LUNE ATOM programs can both be paid or free. We will provide details for each program as they come. 

We select from a wide range of topics we believe can help researchers move forward. However, as we progress, we will concentrate on new concepts emerging in the research world. 

We are open to sponsorships, partnerships and funding to allow us easily carry out our activities. Please send us an email at researchround@gmail[dot]com.