Our Programs

The LUNE Program

LUNE is an expansive series of capacity building program for emerging researchers. These include coaching, mentoring, internships, projects and programs that help researchers hone their discipline and uphold critical questions that move us forward. 

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Mentoring and Trainings

We are working to create trainings that will help researchers understand efficient ways of carry out research. In addition to this, we will be providing mentoring for new researchers to help them do the best research and advance academically. 


We run a publication where works of research by Africans are published. Each publication is a summarized version of the actual version, retaining the most relevant data while communicating in clear terms the objectives and outcomes of the research. 

Habeeb Prize

We have created a yearly award for researchers. We hope to maintain this for a very long time, as a way to support, inspire and encourage advancement of knowledge for the society. 


Helping more people become motivated about their research, problem solving and knowledge advancement and guiding them through the first steps.