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We are launching world class researchers through our intensive programs to help tackle some of Africa’s biggest challenges. This is a ResearchRound Program. 

About LUNE

ResearchRound LUNE is a program for developing African researchers to gain a better understanding of the intellectual process of inquiry, analysis and synthesis while having the opportunity to experience personal and professional growth.

Building Africa's development and innovation foundation.

There is no Innovation without Research

Through the LUNE Program, ResearchRound is seeking to support Africa’s development through research. Innovation is built on knowledge. Research builds knowledge. We are working with world class researchers and coaches to build the capacity of emerging researchers who can in turn collaborate with corporate and academic Africa to build the basis of innovation and development across the continent. 

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Build your capacity to do research. 

Lune Atom

LUNE ATOM consists of short impact programs with focused goals. These programs are usually held across the ResearchRound Community. The objectives for LUNE ATOM programs are the following 

  • Deliver knowledge and information to the research community about a salient topic. 
  • Deliver knowledge and information about a trendy topic. 

Lune One

LUNE ONE is a 4 month program for emerging researchers to understand the basics of conducting successful research. Graduates of LUNE ONE can undergo full research procedures whether for academic or commercial programs, moving from research questions to analysis and synthesis. 


Lune Continental

This is a mentoring program by ResearchRound connecting researchers in Africa with researchers across the world in desirable research programs to build a relationship for learning and collaboration. Participants in LUNE CONTINENTAL already have a basic understanding of research and are looking for opportunities to grow.


An Intensive Program on Research

Some of the constituents of our curriculum

Inquiry, Argumentation and Innovation

Learn how to use questions to gain insights, and new questions.

Research Ethics, Strategy and Planning

Learn how to organize their resources to achieve set research goals.

Design of Experiments, Analysis and Synthesis

Step by step guide on how to explore the world and showcase new knowledge.


Work directly with established researchers on a major research project and gain research experience.

Projects and Internships

Real Learning Experiences as researchers collaborate on interdisciplinary and trans-disciplinary projects.

Professional and Personal Development

Accelerate your growth as a researcher through important personal and professional learning opportunities.

Interested in Being Part of Our Faculty

We are seeking enthusiastic researchers interested in volunteering to support our training program to develop world class researchers. 

Apply to Be a Coach

Share insights and knowledge about a topic from our curriculum.

Apply to be a Mentor

Support the growth of emerging researchers in our program.

Partner as a Research Org.

Work with ResearchRound to share research best practicies and knowledge about your work and your field.