How to Develop a Research Question Webinar

How to Develop A Research Question and Purpose Statement


How to design the question around which you center your research and communicate it properly.



Are you interested in kickstarting a new research project and find it difficult to determine and define your research question? A research project starts with a specific inquiry. Recording accurate research outcomes is tied to asking the right questions. This session will provide you with how to communicate the specifics of your research. Our facilitator will share with you the steps to creating an astounding research question that is clear and motivating for your knowledge quest.

• What specific questions does your study ask or seek to investigate, and what particular issue is under investigation?

• How do you convey the central premise of your arguments in a paragraph or less?

• The “so what” factor. What new knowledge will your study produce?

• What original insights do you expect to result from your research?




5PM, JULY 30TH, 2022



Ololade Faniyi 
Graduate Student Researcher


Ololade Faniyi is a graduate student in the American Culture Studies program at Bowling Green State University, Ohio. Her research interests are broadly centered on intersectionality, African feminisms, feminist data storytelling, feminist social movements, and women’s political communication. Her collaborative work has been published in Women’s Studies Quarterly, and she was chief editor of the graduate journal of African studies, KUJUA. She holds an MA in African/Gender studies and a BA in English from the University of Ibadan, Nigeria. A feminist activist-scholar, she is currently an African regional advisor of FRIDA, The Young Feminist Fund.

Hourly Schedule

How to Develop A Research Question and Purpose Statement

5PM - 6PM


Jul 30 2022


1 hour session
5:00 pm - 6:00 pm




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