Partnership Announcement - ResearchRound and AIPA

Partnership Announcement: ResearchRound x AIPA

 ResearchRound and AIPA announce the two organizations have entered into a strategic partnership to train researchers and students on the relevance of IP.

ResearchRound, an organization providing training and support to African researchers, has entered into an agreement with AIPA, a company promoting African innovation by managing and protecting Intellectual Property. The two organizations will work together over the next year to provide awareness and Intellectual Property training to researchers, students, and other innovators. AIPA will now facilitate hosted sessions to help researchers understand the relationship between qualitative research and Intellectual Property, and the benefits that come with the proactive management of Intellectual Property at the research and development level. 

Both organizations are committed to improving the general knowledge base required to further the development of world-class research capability in Africa. The training will focus on research enhancement, IP education and registration,  IP partnership, and management. 

“Through this partnership, researchers can learn how to add credibility to their work and more importantly, benefit from their creativity and, thoroughness in creating new knowledge for Africa and the world at large, while being in a stronger position to raise more funding to advance their research or its implementation, ” said Habeeb Kolade, ResearchRound’s founder. 

There are few opportunities for people to learn about all aspects of research. So, the African research space needs this more than ever before. “IP knowledge doesn’t just help you to protect your innovation, it allows you to do better research and innovate on a world-class level,” Akeem Famuyiwa, CEO at AIPA said. 

Through this partnership, the organizations will hold free and paid sessions packed with rich IP knowledge as well as create pathways for researchers and research organizations to capture, protect and maximize their Intellectual Property. This will have immediate and long-lasting effects on the research and innovation space, and people will begin to see its socioeconomic impact sooner rather than later.