Welcome to ResearchRound

We are delighted to be taking this step. After our first launch as Ibadan Review to publish research by Africans, we discovered that there was much more to be done for us to get a consistent stream of people sharing their research works. Our findings led us to taking this new multipronged approach that see us get closer to the grassroots and support the development of African researchers while inspiring the right mindset for them to work on quality research despite the challenges.

We will
1. Build online and offline communities where we can raise awareness, educate and share resources and opportunities for African researchers.

2. Enable collaboration among researchers to enhance better research, while breaking the detrimental silos that currently exists.

3. Publish works by African researchers in clear, concise and easily understandable formats that enhance collaboration with the private sector and rest of the society.

4. Recognize and throw spotlight on the exemplary people who are leading the way for African researchers.

5. Seek new funding mechanisms for people doing research in Africa.

We are delighted to be kickstarting our journey to support research in African institutions and by Africans. Our team comprises students, graduates and post-graduates across different universities in Nigeria. Since our earlier launch has Ibadan Review where we examined the feedback we got, we have since expanded our role to allow us address the bigger questions we had initially overlooked. Our role must now include raising awareness and supporting the right mindset among young researchers, supporting the researchers with the training for skills required to do great research, while enabling important collaborations within and across institutions in Nigeria and the rest of the continent.

This is what has informed our multi-pronged approach in delivering on our goal. In furtherance of our style to keep seeking information on how best to support African research, we have created a survey and will be very grateful if you spend some time responding to it and sharing it with more people. The link is below



In addition to this, we have started building a community for people interested in moving African research forward. If you are keen on joining our community to access research opportunities, resources, training and collaboration on research, please clink on the link below to kickstart the process.



Finally, we hope you can follow us on social media @researchroundhq on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

We look forward to what we make of this journey.